About Kelly

Kelly IsenbergerI am first a wife and a mother, living life fully, enjoying God’s many blessings and sharing them when I can. By God’s grace, I live day by day, following closely behind my Rabbi and Savior. I enjoy being surprised by the curves and turns that He takes me on, and I hope to bring Him glory each step of the way.  My passion is for God’s people to come together to build His kingdom, reaching high and low, far and wide, until everyone in this world knows the love of Jesus Christ. I believe the Church has a mandate to love others in such a way that no one could question the truth of the gospel. And, I will endeavor to build the church and disciple others to that end.

One thought on “About Kelly

  1. Kelly (and Chris):

    I hope you and your family are doing well.

    Kelly, did I see you ran a half-marathon (I presume) is slightly over 2 hours. You would have made it under 2 hours if you didn’t have to upchuck your guts right before the finish line?

    That is awesome. Did Chris run it?

    I started running again. I was doing well before December when I got a my hamstring tear or something. I am now taking it very slow. My goal is to run the half next January, 2012 then, if the LORD doesn’t come back, and it is His will, I will run the full marathon in January 2013 when I am 50. I ran my first and only marathon (Houston), when I was 25 yrs. old so running my second, when I am 50 is a great motivator.


    Jeff – jwork@gordonrees.com

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