Amazing Things

“Joshua told the people, ‘Consecrate yourselves today for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.” Joshua 3:5

This morning our team discussed the parting of the Jordan River, and how Joshua and the Israelites followed God straight into the rapidly flowing and high Jordan River. God had told Joshua to have the priests take the ark and go stand in it, but Joshua told the people to believe that at the very moment their feet touched the water, it would stop flowing. And sure enough, this is what happened, and the Israelites were able to walk straight into a new land. This is what He asks of us, to follow Him step by step, sometimes into flowing rivers, and to trust Him to do amazing things.


Today our team was able to walk in that truth as we ministered to so many people. We started our morning by laying hands on one of our own team members who had been very sick. God healed her and then he restored her strength throughout the day. We believed that this was just the beginning of His work through us for the day.

Later we went out with Impact Africa’s Baby Rescue Team. This group of women go out into the community clinics and they tell all the people sitting and waiting in the massive lines about their Baby Safes. These are safe places where moms can leave their babies to be cared for instead of abandoning them in the field, the trash, or the toilet. They also tell them about the dangers of getting abortions. Many traditional healers and witch doctors offer dangerous abortions for an expensive fee. These vulnerable women are left in desperate situations with no way to raise these children. Impact Africa tells them that they can give their child a better life, and they offer them a pathway to do it.


After the presentation, we handed out flyers to the almost 200 people that waited in line to see the doctors. Then, we gave out baby packs to expecting moms or moms with newborns. These packs have diapers and other goodies to assist them. Then we had an opportunity to talk to them individually and to pray for them.


They told us their worries and their concerns. Some were afraid of childbirth and some were worried about working afterward. Many of them were foreigners and they were sad at having to give birth to their children away from their homes. We were able to listen, share stories about Mary and Joseph, read them Psalm 139, share our own stories of difficult pregnancies, talk to them about Jesus and pray for them.


In the afternoon, we walked through the slum area of Deipsloot again. We walked, expecting God to show us who He wanted us to share with. One woman that we talked with was a churchgoer. When we asked her more about how she knows Jesus, it seemed that she really only knew that church was a good place to go, but she didn’t understand that Jesus really was Her Savior and the only way to God. She was eager to understand better and we taught her from the Bible. She decided she wanted to pray to become a Christ-follower, and so we prayed with her. Then, we asked God’s favor upon her and her household. We believe that a true disciple of Jesus was born today right there on her tin porch and that many others would come to understand this truth through her.


Many more people came to know Jesus today through the work of our team and through Impact Africa staff and interns. Many others were healed. Our eyes beheld miracles of death to life, and we believe even more that amazing things really do happen when you follow Jesus step by step.


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