We Are Their Answered Prayer

A great man once taught me that there is a line in everyone’s life that represents how far they are willing to go for the cause of Christ. Everything on one side is comfortable and convenient and familiar. The other side of the line is unknown, uncomfortable, and not convenient. But, it is when we chose to step over that line in faith to serve Christ that we see Him really work. I shared that with my team this morning, and many of them had already stepped out in faith just by coming on this Living Water trip. But, I encouraged them to not to be afraid of continuing to do uncomfortable things, because we know that when we get to the end of ourselves, that is where God begins.

And, I saw them do just that today, and the result was not just a completed water well with Bible lessons and hygiene lessons taught, but they did things and stepped out in faith in places and in ways that they would never have done otherwise. They loved people in new ways. They prayed together with the community with deep compassion. They laughed with children, played in the water, and they gave heart felt hugs. These people love Jesus with such passion that it cannot help but flow out from them.

As the day ended and we were singing with the children, Angel, our driller from Living Water came to get me. He told me that it was time, and I understood. I walked over to the well site and watched as the men from the community finished pouring the concrete pad over the well site. They took a plaque that had been made with the words “This well was donated by: Parkway Fellowship Church,” and laid it in the concrete. I watched as they finished carefully leveling out the concrete with such care. The men from the community had taken over the work of preparing the well. Our job was complete. But, this plaque will stay at their well so that they can always remember how God provided for them through their brothers and sisters from Parkway Fellowship Church in Texas.

As I stood there, I realized that for just a few days, we had the privilege of being a part of their story, but even after we are gone, they can remember us every time they go to pump water. These people had prayed and waited for years for Living Water to drill a well near them, and in the words of one of the teenage boys, “God sent you to answer our prayers.” Now they will have clean and safe water to drink.

Tomorrow we will celebrate together. I expect it to be a glorious occasion. We will celebrate God’s favor in drilling this well, His provision of clean water, and how He brought so many different people together. The water well has always been a gathering place, and it will be just that tomorrow.



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