Our First Water Well

God loves to come close to us. He is not a God that dictates commands from His lofty throne. He is like a loving parent who delights in knowing us. God came close today.


God has faithfully been showing me step by step how to build Parkway’s Missions Ministry, and He made it obvious to me that drilling water wells for Living Water would be one of those very first steps. So, only weeks into the Missions Ministry at Parkway, I committed our church to drilling two water wells for Living Water. But as He has faithfully been guiding me about what He wants us to do, I have been praying and asking Him for the “who.” Who is going to do be part of the Missions Ministry? Who is going to build it? Well, He has begun to bring together the Who. Today, God sent out the very first adult mission team from Parkway Fellowship.

This morning, this team made up of Michael Roberts, Floyd Spivey, Christy Murphy, Sue Hart, James Isenberger, and me gathered together to pray. We prayed for God to give us the vision to see the people that we were helping in the way that He does. We wanted to be sure to not just provide clean water for this community, but to truly see them as treasured by Jesus Christ.

None of us had ever drilled a water well before, but we were all willing! Thankfully, Living Water had sent us Ed Kriz, a veteran at drilling wells, and he has given us great guidance and is a great addition to our team. As we arrived at the site this morning, we recognized the eagerness of those gathered around the place where this water well would be drilled. The men of the community were there to do their part. They had provided water and dug out pits. They stood by, at the ready to do anything asked of them. Mothers came to watch and the children giggled at our mud-covered faces. We started with mixing mud by hand and began to drill and add pipe. Christy and Sue taught the moms and children about hand washing, germ-transmission, and how Jesus walked on water.

And God came near. As I looked around me at the community so gratefully watching and waiting, and I looked at my team, the one that the Lord put together, and I looked at the drill pipe, and thought about all that Living Water had done to put this one water well in, I knew that God had been orchestrating all of this to bring this moment together. My eyes welled up with tears at the recognition of God’s handiwork and the greatness of this day. There will never be another first day of Parkway’s Missions Ministry Team on their first Living Water Well again. God chose this community for us to love. God chose this location for us to drill. God chose these people to drill it. And I feel like the most blessed person in the world to have been there for it.

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