A Page from My Journal…


I think a lot about the level of depravity in our world today. I hear about and sometimes see with my own eyes about children who are forced to sell their bodies, repeatedly through out the night hours.  I know sick people around the world tune into internet sites where they can get their depraved needs met by watching children be sexually abused. I know that the hotels around me are filled with people answering ads for underage victims.


I hear of babies being thrown in the trash. I know that there are 6000 children waiting in my state for a family to love them. Just waiting… but knowing that if they are 10 years old, they will wait forever – never really knowing what it feels like to belong.

I meet families who have been torn apart from ISIS Fighters whose sole goal is to dominate the world and bring on an apocalypse. I see the face of a little boy who was separated from his family and walked for five days in the snow and through the mountains to get to camp where he was reunited with his father. I hear the stories of desperation as they lived a normal life one day and then the next they are watching family and friends get blown to pieces.

I walk with people down dark paths as they fight for their children’s lives, and I know multiple stories of children and teens that feel so desperate and lost in this world that they would rather not be in it any longer.


And I ask myself, how did I become an expert on the pain and anguish in the world? How am I a messenger of depravity?


But then, out of all of that darkness, the phone rings….


Kelly, my family wants to adopt one of those 6,000…. And I smile, and I know that there is hope….

There is still hope for this world – in all its darkness. A small flame pierces the darkness and shines even more brightly in the dark than in the night.


Kelly, I want to go….

Kelly, I want to love…

Kelly, I want to give…


And we join our lights, carrying our candles out into the darkness, like warriors into the night….


Matthew 5:14 “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.”

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