Good and Perfect Gifts

I have met so many great families at Parkway Fellowship that have been called by God to love and care for the fatherless. Many of them have been or currently are foster parents, some to as many as thirty different children over the years! Some families have adopted newborns, some older children, some locally, and others from foreign nations. The heart of Parkway families is to care for children, whether they are birthed out of genetics or birthed by the hand of God. James 1:17 tell us “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” These special families recognize that every child is a gift from God, no matter how they are brought to us.


Kris and James Buescher are one such Parkway family. Three years ago, they brought home their first baby, Stetson. They had started the process to adopt him long before. After struggling to get pregnant, they discerned that God was calling them to adopt. They were paired with a birth mother, and they began to do what they could to support their new child before he was even born.

Kris shared with me that they moved into the birth mother’s apartment in the last weeks to support her. This gave them an opportunity to see the environment that Stetson would have grown up in. Kris is sure that if it had not been for their intervention, Stetson would have little hope of a good future. As they waited with anticipation for their new baby, they held baby showers and celebrations. They shopped and did all the things that new moms and dads do when they are awaiting the birth of their children. buecher-156And then one day, the birth mother just changed her mind and decided that she wanted to keep her baby. Kris and James were devastated, but with the support of their friends, they decided to press on. The birth mother changed her mind back, and as it turns out, this happened seven times before they actually had Stetson. It was a heart wrenching process, and Kris shares that she only had her faith as she had to trust God because it was completely out of her hands and her control. Eventually little Stetson was born, and Kris and James were able to adopt him.

The Buescher’s are so thankful to have Stetson as their son, and desiring to help more children like him, they began a fund to help other families adopt. The Buescher Foundation has helped to place over 37 children in homes in the last two years. You can learn more at


Kris Buescher will be at the Orphan Care Lunch on January 29th at Parkway Fellowship, after the third service at 12:30. Other families who have fostered or adopted will be there as well. If you are interested in learning more about how you can support these families, foster, adopt, or intervene in the life of a child in other ways, please join us on the 29th.




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