Quenching Thirst Through Living Water

Everyone has felt the longing for a cold glass of water at some point, especially those 11718562984_f00220bf10_o
living in the hot, humid climate of Houston. John tells a story of how Jesus was thirsty, and he went to a Samaritan woman to get a drink (Jn 4). But, what the Samaritan woman
received in return was more than she expected. She discovered the true identity of Jesus Christ, the Living Water that satisfies. In fact, Jesus said, “Indeed the water I give will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life” (Jn 4:14b). That spring of water that lives within each believer is more satisfying and quenching that any physical water could possibly be, and as Christ followers, we desire to share that water with the world.
dana-dearmonThis is the mission of Living Water International. Dana Dearmon from Living Water came to meet with me the first week that I was on staff at Parkway Fellowship. I was very familiar with Living Water, but she presented the whole story for us. She told us about the 840 thousand people in the world today who die each year from diarrhea, a symptom of living without clean water. She explained how children find themselves sick with water-borne parasites and miss many days of school. She told us that 2.4 billion people in the world still lack access to flushable toilets and piped sewers, and she pointed out that its often women and girls who bare the burden of finding water for their families. Her stories reminded me of one of my own.

While visiting an orphanage in Uganda, my family experienced in a small way what many people live with daily. We were staying in a friend’s apartment when one day the water 1499424_10203039737582524_797749289_njust stopped coming out of the faucet. We did not know what to do about it and how we would flush the toilets. Because we were rich enough to be able to purchase bottled water to drink, we recognized that the lack of water was just a nuisance. Still, not being able to shower for a few days took its toll after walking in the red dirt of Uganda. However, God taught us some important lessons on that trip. After living a few days without running water, we took a day-long drive, and passed many children with their bikes loaded down with water jugs. We saw people waiting in line at the water wells, and women carrying cans of water on their heads. We came to understand that this is a way of life in so many places in the world. Getting clean water is a chore, and without it, life is difficult and unhealthy, if not deadly.

boy-drinkingI believe that my meeting with Dana and our family’s story was a perfect intersection of God guiding Parkway Fellowship down this partnership. After our meeting, we agreed to partner with Living Water to drill two water wells in the country of Nicaragua. We will not only pay for those water wells, but we will send two teams to drill them. And at the end of the week, God willing, we will have a dedication ceremony with the villagers in Leon, Nicaragua, and we will place a plaque with Parkway Fellowship’s name in front of the well to serve as a reminder of what God has done. We know that this well, just like the one where Jesus met with the Samaritan woman, will be a place where many will come to know the satisfaction of Living Water.

*There are still spots open for the Living Water Teams. Contact Kelly.isenberger@parkwayfellowship.com to get more information.

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