Such Is The Faithfulness of God

On our last day of work in Bangladesh, we were able to visit another center in a different part of the city that was also meeting the needs of young girls who live in a nearby slum village. These girls are younger than the ones at Light of Hope. Most of them are between 7 and 13. They come to the center every day to learn, eat and be loved. Having two daughters of my own, I have a very soft spot in my heart for young girls. The missionaries who began the center also had a desire to pour into these young girls, but they also saw the need to reach their mothers. So, they have made a time for the mothers to come and be taught as well. They also often go and visit their families in their homes and have tried to build loving relationships with their entire families.

Such is the faithfulness of God.

God has called His workers to this place, to this particular village. He has given them a vision and a passion. He fuels it with His Holy Spirit, and He provides for it by the generosity of believers from all over the world. He does this because He sees and knows these people. He loves them, and He desires that they know Him.

Bangladesh 288 copy

Our team was able to glimpse this plan as we taught two English classes, told the children a Bible story about Jonathan and David, offered the gospel to the mothers, and shared the salvation story from Mary’s perspective and made salvation bracelets with the sewing class. Throughout the day, and even other times through out the week, we would find ourselves often counting supplies. We knew that we were close in numbers and began to worry that we didn’t have enough for every person. But, every time, we had the exact number that was necessary. We never fell short, not even once.

Such is the faithfulness of God.

God loves these children. God loves their families. He wanted each one of them to receive a good gift, a prize. He wanted them to know how loved they were, and we were His instruments of love. It would be easy to claim that God was being faithful to us, as His team He had sent. But, that would minimize what He had done. God was being faithful to these girls to pour out His love on them. He saw each one of them. He knows each one of them by name. And, each child is important to Him.

A family from the village.

A family from the village.

Our team did our best to pour out all of ourselves, saving nothing. We wanted to love our God and these people with all of our heart, all of our soul, and all of our strength. The beautiful thing was that God had put together a team made up of women living in different parts of the globe with different skills, giftings, and abilities. Every person gave what they had brought and everyone played their role, and together God enabled us to complete what He had planned for us.

Such is the faithfulness of God.

We do not always have the foresight to know what will come our way. This is the adventurous part of a mission trip, or just life. We go in faith. We walk in faith. It is impossible to know exactly what will happen while on the ground and serving in these places that are so unfamiliar to us, but we trust in the faithfulness of God. At times, we can find ourselves walking through dark places that feel like unchartered territory. But, we trust in the faithfulness of God.

Katy with a special baby.

Katy with a special baby.

He put together our team and not one person was wasted. We needed every person that went on this trip. And, we were able to quickly adapt into a new plan when God re-directed us. It makes me think of how He doesn’t waste one person in our lives and in our churches. We are all called to serve His purposes and to be instruments of His love.

Such is the faithfulness of God.

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