Bowing Low

Our team in Bangladesh was hoping to do something to honor the staff of Light of Hope Center. We had been teaching on how we are to honor one another above ourselves, and these women truly encompass this. They work tirelessly to make the center run and provide a loving environment for the young ladies to grow and learn. They run the sewing program, are teachers, advisers, cooks, encouragers and so much more. They are like family to each of these girls.

We had a tea for them after our day of ministry. Joy, one of the ladies on our team, had purchased travel mugs for them and baked them chocolate chip cookies. We had them sit down as we served them. These ladies are more like Jesus than most of us. Mother Teresa said to look for Jesus in the faces of the distressed. I tried to remember that as we listened to them share their greatest needs and prayers.

Lisa caring for the staff

Lisa caring for the staff

As Kathy, the leader of our group, shared a devotion, we remembered why we had come. She shared the story of Jesus washing His disciples feet. Jesus, the king of the universe, tied a towel around his waist, knelt down low before his disciples, called them friends, and washed their dirty, grimy feet. We also want to be like Jesus. We want to call these women friends. We had come to Bangladesh to serve these workers and to encourage them. The missionaries here work tirelessly to bring the light of Christ to the people of this nation. They have given their entire lives to this sole purpose. Likewise, the ladies that work at Light of Hope, love Jesus and desire to serve Him. But, who ever serves them? Who washes their feet?

As tea time came to a close, we asked them to sit, and we knelt down low before them. We washed the dirt of Bangladesh off of their feet. Of course, being women, we also painted their toenails!  I felt blessed to be able to show love to these women in this way. To many of them, it was a bit uncomfortable at first. They are not used to being cared for, and for us to be the ones to do it, caught them off guard. But, the simple act of bowing low created a closeness and intimacy that would never have existed other wise. It was one of the most loving acts that we could have done.

Beth caring for the staff.

Beth caring for the staff.

We have to remember to bow low. We have to remember that our purpose is to look for Jesus in the faces of those around us. We serve a loving Savior. One who was willing to not only wash His disciples feet, but one that was willing to give the most that He had to give. He carried His cross knowing full well what was to come. As they mocked Him and spit on Him, He knew that this was his role to play, His way to serve. As they nailed Him to the cross, all the sin of humanity upon Him, He looked up to the Father and breathed His last breath. He did this for you and for me and for these girls here in Bangladesh.

We do not serve a God who doesn’t understand sacrifice. He hasn’t called us to love any deeper than He already has. When we are exhausted from service, when we feel that you can not serve His people anymore, draw from His well. Look into their faces, see Jesus, and bow down low.

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