We Shall Overcome

Undisclosed Location | South Asia

July 14, 2010

“The Lord reigns, let the earth be glad; let the distant shores rejoice. Clouds and thick darkness surround Him; righteousness and justice are the foundation of His throne.” Psalm 97:1

Rejoice that righteousness and justice are at the very foundation of God’s throne. It is who He is and He can not act contrary to His character. Today I stood and watched as 4 girls sang “We Shall Overcome.” They sang, “We shall overcome. We shall overcome. We shall overcome someday. Deep in my heart, I do believe, we shall overcome someday.” It impacted me so heavily because I know that these girls once lived in a brothel filled with filth. They were used up over and over again and treated like animals in unspeakable ways. Today they smiled as they performed a song with friends they have come to trust and love. They still have many obstacles to overcome, but they have love and champions to stand by their side. I am confident that our new friends will have bright futures.

As these 4 girls were singing this hope-filled song, another girl was living in deep despair. A rescue effort was being made to save her, and God was faithful to swing wide the door of this dark place. He reached in with His strong arm and pulled out the innocent young girl. She now has a chance to live life because there were some who shared God’s passion of justice. With time, this girl will smile, laugh, dance and sing again.

So often we speak of God’s righteousness, holiness, compassion and mercy. But, justice which is at the very foundation of His throne is misunderstood and overlooked. We think of injustice as life just not giving us a fair shake. We fail to realize that somewhere in the world the powerful are oppressing the weak. God calls us to speak out on behalf of the oppressed.

I urge you to embrace justice. Would the church arise and let this be our cry. Share Jesus’ passion for the innocent. Somewhere a young girl is in need of someone to speak out on her behalf. Somewhere a young girl is living in fear and dread as evil rapes her. Somewhere a young girl thinks she is forgotten and all alone. She needs someone to be her champion. She needs someone to reach in and save her. It may be that we are her only hope.

3 thoughts on “We Shall Overcome

  1. Hi Kelly,

    Many thanks for the insights you have shared over your time in [South Asia]. So often it is easy to forget those who are opressed. We must stand up against opression.

    Thank God how Kingsland and others stand up against the sex “trade”.

    Every young girl rescued is another one rescued from the evil one. Praise God you could see another girl rescued.

    We thank god how the girls of the team touched the lives of the girls at the rescue home as per Omar’s blog.

    May the team always remember [South Asia] and seek salvation for the people of [South Asia].

    Every Blessing

    Sarah and Paul Beniston

    • Sarah and Paul,
      Thank you for continually praying for our trip. I am not sure the connection you have with our team, but the prayers of all of God’s people sustained us this week. We have accomplished much and look forward to returning again.
      Many thanks and blessings,

      • Hi no immediate connection with team. However, We are people who care greatly for poor of . Since a previous team visiting we feel most close to what you folk want to do in You are the ones who have been prepared to go the extra mile for the poor of and the extension of the Kingdom.

        We will continue to support all that Kingsland Baptist wants to do to be good news to the poor and abused in

        God Bless you

        Sarah & Paul

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