Concert of Love

Undisclosed Location, South Asia

July 11, 2010

My prayer warrior friend, Connie Sloan, sent our team in South Asia an encouraging message telling us she had been praying. She said that KBC had prayed for God to use the students’ giftings like a concert where each gifted musician adds to the whole in oneness and together makes beautiful music for the Lord. I have witnessed the very fruit of that today.

Many of these students have grown up together and have served the Lord throughout the years. They are all each uniquely gifted, and each of them desires to glorify God. You can see it in how they interact with those they are ministering to. Some of them joyfully bound up to the first person they see and give them a hug or a smile. Others wait for a quiet opportunity to have an intimate conversation. A few stay in the background, but are eager to serve and help where they are needed. God has used each of them to glorify Himself here in this city.

Today a young girl from the aftercare home accepted Christ. We rejoiced in her new life, and the girl told others that today she had made the best decision of her life and that she felt different. This young lady did not come to that decision based only on one conversation. This decision was made after a series of events made her realize that God was gently calling her name. It started back in January when Amy Granger and a few others first came to the aftercare home. Amy loved on this girl and never forgot about her. Many from our church began to pray for these girls. We gathered together and prayed that their lives would be restored and that God would reveal Himself to them. I even wrote a blog entitled, “Who Will Tell Them?” The question of who would go and bring them the knowledge of Christ was heavy on all of our hearts.

That question was answered when plans began to take the 12th graders to South Asia for their summer mission trip. Twenty something girls came half way around the world to share the love of Jesus with our girls in the aftercare home. This young lady that accepted Christ today has had the love of Jesus showered upon her by so many girls through dances, songs, crafts, Bible stories and games. Our girls have given out love and affection freely, and with all of these actions combined, the love of God has overwhelmingly filled the gates of the aftercare home.

Finally, God chose one of our students to start a conversation with this girl. They talked about Jesus and the young girl explained that she feels good inside whenever anyone talks about Jesus. She wanted to become a Christian, and one of our students had the privilege of praying her through it. Our student was beaming with joy when she recounted the story of how her new friend had changed her life.

It is exciting to see God work here, but not at all surprising. We have been expecting great things from this trip, and we are praying that great things would continue. As our students invade the dirty streets of this city, they wear their righteousness and salvation like beaming jewels. They are like an orchestra playing the music of the Lord, and its sound is so pleasant to the ears that it compels others to join in.

4 thoughts on “Concert of Love

  1. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!! Thank you so much for your blog and keeping us updated on the hugs, smiles, and tender touches our girls are sharing in India. I can’t read any of your stories without being overwhelmed with tears of joy. We are covering the team in prayer. Our God is an awesome God and what a priveledge it is to serve Him in this capacity. Tell Kirsten we love her!

  2. My dear Kelly,

    My heart jumped for joy when reading your’s and Omar’s blogs today about those accepting Christ and receiving healing. What a wonderful and blessed experience not only for each of them, but for the students you’ve taken to minister to these.

    My heart has been full of joy this past week being able to be with Chloe and Morgan. God has truly blessed us with our sons, daughter-in-laws, and grandchildren.

    I’m continuing to pray for each of your safety and continued blessing upon those you are ministering to and each one of the team.

    Love, Mom

  3. Thank you so much for keeping us updated on our girls. Praise God for all that they are doing and all those they are reaching! What an awesome and mighty God we serve! Please tell Kirsten we love her and miss her!

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