Life and Laughter

Undisclosed Location, South Asia

July 10, 2010

A cheerful heart really is good medicine and laughter is the overflow. Our girls’ team went back to our aftercare home today, and joy bursted forth once again. We broke into groups and taught them a dance, played games, made crafts, and taught them the story of Ruth. No matter the group, the girls were so happy that we were there. It didn’t take long for them to find friends, and many of our girls could be seen walking around with several pairs of arms wrapped around them.

Most of the girls in the aftercare home have been there for some time. After they are rescued from the brothels, they are brought into a separate part of the home. They have to stay in a protected area for 3 months before they can be brought into the main area. Some of our girls were able to visit with those who are in the guarded section. They talked about how grave their faces were compared to those who have had the time to heal. It was a reminder to us that these girls lived a completely different life before coming here. Every laugh, hug, and smile we shared today was us rejoicing in their freedom.

One of the aftercare girls did not want to participate. We were told she was in a deep depression. One of our girls befriended her, and talked and played with her, but the girl would never smile. As we were leaving on the bus, we were all waving out the windows and shouting goodbyes, and the girl smiled.

Sometimes we underestimate life. We tend to think of life as time slowly clicking by. But, when someone takes that life and stuffs it so far down that one can barely breathe from the weight of the oppression, life means something different. The freedom to experience life is only dreamed of and hoped for. These girls in our home have had their lives given back to them. Watching them play, dance, sing, and laugh, is seeing life. They have life on their faces, and it is a miracle from God. The only right response from us is to rejoice along with them.

3 thoughts on “Life and Laughter

  1. Thank you for giving Life to a lifeless place. We love all of you girls and are thankful that you are investing the these young lifes.

    Love to the girls and we miss you terribly.

  2. What a beautiful sight to see – joy found only in freedom. Thanks so much for allowing us, in Katy, to be a part of what God is doing on the other side of the world. As we commune with the living God, we are connected with you. We praise Him with you!!!!

  3. Kelly – Thank you so much for your updates, we enjoy reading each one. We especially want to thank you and the Kingsland seniors for serving as our ambassadors to those who are so much in need of Christ. We pray for you daily. We’re so very proud of you all.

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