Pushed a Little Farther

Undisclosed location, South Asia

July 9, 2010

Pushed to the limit, then pushed a little more describes the India experience. This is one of the poorest and dirtiest places in the world. When a visitor first arrives here they are attacked by new sights, smells, emotions, and weariness. It has been a joy for me to be with some of our Kingsland students as they worked through this. I am impressed at how they are willing to open themselves up to experience things they have never done before and allow God to work through them. These young men and women persevered today through the unfamiliar and the uncomfortable to obey God even when they wanted to run in the other direction, but God was faithful today to carry them through.

God showered us with so much blessing that it made all those tough moments worth it. Our young women have been eagerly waiting to go to our aftercare home to see the faces of those we have been praying for. As the bus pulled in and we started our walk toward the doors, the anticipation rose.

We walked in and were greeted with beaming smiles. It was clear that they had been anticipating us coming as well. They took us in to their living room and proudly gave each of us beautiful leis to wear on our wrists and gave us blessings on our foreheads. We were overwhelmed by the honor they showed us. From there, the celebration continued as they showed us around their home, school, and workplace.

The children in the classroom sang songs and said their alphabet for us, and we all squeezed in tight to watch through the doorway. We were overcome with emotion as we thought about what their futures could have been and the freedom that they have now. We danced, sang, laughed, and hugged each other as if we were long lost friends. The experience of seeing these girls exceeded any of our expectations. God blessed us abundantly. We would gladly go back through any of the minor hardships in order to see the girls’ joy filled faces once again. Being pushed farther and then a little bit more isn’t so bad when such great blessings are on the other side.

2 thoughts on “Pushed a Little Farther

  1. Hi great read your update. Amazing to see how the Lord is young ladies to touch the Lifes of the poor in the challenges [South Asia] brings up. [South Asia] is a challenge but the Lord gives great blessing to those go the extra mile

    Every Blessing

    Sarah & Paul Beniston Brentwood Baptist in the UK

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