Who Will Tell Them?

There is a question burning in my heart, and I can not seem to shake it, nor do I think I want to. Who will tell them about Jesus? Who will tell them about His loving kindness, His restoration, His grace and mercy? Who will give them that abundant life and freedom?

As this question simmers in my heart, I have also been pondering a wonderful story about a young English boy who was taken captive from vicious, Irish invaders. They took him back to Ireland, where he was their slave for six years. One day he heard a voice telling him that his ship was ready to take him home. He traveled two hundred miles and found that ship. The sailors welcomed him and when it landed they walked for days without food. The sailors wanted him to pray for food, but instead, he insisted that the sailors themselves pray to the one true God. They did, and then they happened on a monastery. From there, the young man studied, and eventually returned home to his family. Once again, he had a vision that told him to return back to Ireland. His family pleaded with him not to go, for as a runaway slave, he was sure to receive death. But, he obeyed. He took the Gospel to Ireland, and as a result he baptized over 100,000 Irishmen, trained 3,000 preachers and started 700 churches. Arguably, the greatest fruit from this young man’s life was the spread of the Gospel, but Ireland was also the first country to abolish slavery. If you haven’t guessed who this man is yet, it is St. Patrick, whom we celebrate every March.

There is another modern day slavery occurring right under our noses. In fact, never has there been a time in history where so many innocent victims have been held captive. I have to wonder, when will their ships come in as St. Patrick’s did? I believe in faith that they will. There are many on the front lines today working relentlessly to free these victims. They need our prayers, encouragement, and resources. But their rescues should not be our only aim. If we stop there, we are falling short of God’s plan for these women. They need to feel the loving arms of their Creator. They need the restoration that only Christ can provide. They need to live in freedom from the strongholds that entangle them. Who will tell them about such a Savior?

No one knows the mind of Christ, but perhaps God is planning on eliminating the injustice of slavery by restoring these victims, then calling them back to those who sold them in the first place? What if God wants them to be St. Patrick’s? What if God wants to use them to speak out against their captives? Sure, it is a dangerous thought, and a dangerous assignment for such vulnerable girls. But, St. Patrick knew the cost when He was willing to go back to Ireland.

So, the question remains, who will go? Who will tell them about Jesus and perhaps be an instrument that wipes modern-day slavery off the face of the earth? Who is willing to further the glory of God by bringing the truth to these vulnerable and broken souls? This question continues to burn a hole in my heart.

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