The Christmas Story

No Ordinary Baby
Miracles surrounded His birth.
Foretold from the beginning.
He would come to change the Earth.

Angels pronounced.
A righteous man pleads.
To prepare the way,
The Baby John is conceived.

Mary a Virgin
Destined to be married.
Joseph a man,
Simply seeking a peaceful life
And a family.

The Holy Spirit upon her
Gives Life to He
The One and Only
The One bearing Eternity.

They traveled to Bethlehem
In obedience to the king.
Mary gives birth
Baby Jesus is splendor and majesty.

In a cave where temple lambs are slain,
In a manger
Baby Jesus was lain.
He would forgive sins once and for all,
No more need to pass them along.

No, no ordinary baby.
The shepherds would see.
A host of angels singing
Glory to Thee.

Simeon and Anna-
No one more righteous than they-
Proclaimed and prophesied
What they’ve waited for, for days.

Out of fear they fled to Egypt, what a dreaded place.
It must have brought feelings of fear and captivity
The stories of old passed down for generations,
I wonder if Mary and Joseph felt unsafe.

But did they know
The one they protected
Would bring release, restoration,
And love until all have been perfected.

Did they know He would heal and forgive
Past, present and future?
So much freedom and love
He would die so all could live.

Not ordinary at all –
But a special miraculous being.
God himself
In a small sweet human body.

The Word made Flesh
Was given to us,
To fulfill the law
And to give us a special gift.

We can all choose to believe
This was not so ordinary
This baby we celebrate came
Bearing the gift of Life Eternally.

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